Marquand Park and Arboretum, Princeton, NJ

A visit to Princeton would not be complete without a stop at Marquand Park. Marquand Park and Arboretum is a 17-acre historic preserve of trees and woodlands that offers a variety of recreational and educational experiences in the center of Princeton. Originally the landscaped garden of a 19th-century estate, the park has a rich collection of native and exotic trees reflecting the interest and tastes of its previous owners and its current beneficiaries. Some trees in the parks are the largest of their kind in New Jersey.

Marquand Park includes in its collection over 140 different tree specimens, among them some rare evergreens and a Dawn Redwood, known only as a fossil until 1944 when it was discovered growing in China. In the wooded area are huge specimens of native trees such as beech, hickory and black, white and red oaks.

Some trees in the landscaped area of the park have identification tags with the tree's name in white lettering on a black background. The numbers on these identification tags correspond with the numbers in the Guide to Marquand Park for sale at the Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Store in the Princeton Shopping Center. Round metal tags with only numbers are used on trees in the woodlands on the east side of the park. These numbers correspond with the numbers in the park's Tree Inventory. Link to Tree Inventory

Pedestrians can access Marquand Park from Mercer Street, or Stockton Street. The main entrance and the parking lot are on Lovers Lane. Link to Google map