Cherry Grove Farm, Lawrenceville, NJ

Cherry Grove Farm History

In 1987, three brothers inherited 400+ acres of undeveloped farm land in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area. Their ancestors had farmed the area before the revolutionary war, and this particular parcel had been in the family since 1902.

Originally, the land at Cherry Grove was farmed for row crops and then, at some point, converted into a traditional dairy farm where black and white Holstein cows were fed on a mixture of grain and hay. Over the years, the dairy operation was leased to various farmers and the land suffered under more and more intensive industrial farming techniques.

Land preservation and locally grown food are family passions, so the Hamill brothers put their heads together and decided to create something special — something that would give back to their community while keeping the land healthy and undeveloped for generations to come. The Hamills, with their children, planned to regenerate the land by embracing sustainable farming, using old fashioned, pastoral techniques as a guide. The focus would be artisanal farmstead cheese and everything done on the farm would support the making of a quality, handcrafted product.

Today, at Cherry Grove Farm, the farm grazes roughly 120 cows (a mix of Jersey, Friesian, Milking Short Horn, Red Ayreshire, Holstein and Dutch Belted cows) on about 240 acres of certified organic pasture. The cows are milked twice a day, and their milk flows into our creamery to produce award-winning farmstead cheeses.

Visit the Farm

They understand the importance of knowing exactly where our food comes from, so Cherry Grove Farm is open to the public. Their cheese is made on the farm from their own cows’ milk. The meats produced on the farm are processed without nitrates or preservatives so you can expect a clean, quality product. Neighbors and customers are encouraged to visit year-round, to enjoy the pastoral setting, participate in tours and classes, and develop a relationship with the source of their food.

At their on-site Farm Store, they sell their own farmstead cheeseswhey-fed porkgrass-fed lamb, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chickens and eggs , as well as a plethora of local- and artisan-made goods.

Also at the Farm Store, you will find preserves and mustards, organic popcorn and gluten free snacks, handmade soaps and shea butters, cheese tools, handmade cheeseboards, alpaca socks, woven aprons, beeswax candles and handspun wools.

They are proud to carry products made with quality ingredients, crafted by people they know and respect. Finding new products that complement their cheeses and meats is great fun (such hard work!), and they are always looking for referrals.

Visit the farm critters, watch their cheese makers making cheese, observe the evening milking (sometime between 3 and 4pm), and taste their award-winning farmstead cheeses.

The Farm Store is open 10-5 daily.

Cherry Grove Farm
Lawrenceville Road (Rt. 206 N.)
Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648
Store: (609) 219-0053
Office: (609) 895-1502